Breathe, We Are Diving In Deep, It Is Meant To Be.

Scorpio New Moon

The new moon marks a time for new beginnings, it is a new cycle, a new phase, a time to check in with yourself. Do you want to release or bring in habits, behaviors, or beliefs?

The Scorpio New Moon is heightening the lightest of light and darkest of dark. Forgive yourself for your darkness, your shadow, we all have them, Scorpio sees your highest powers hidden within your shadows. Allow your light to shine bright, don’t downplay your Goddess, your Queen, the dope person who makes the world different and better just by being. Whether high vibration or low vibration, emotions are intense during this time. This is a time to dig deep within, allow the investigation to take place, allow yourself to feel what you want and need to feel. Scorpio may be calling upon these emotions to show you a hidden aspect of something of yourself. Scorpio is an excellent time to stand in your power, hold your own, be okay with exactly as you are, what you feel, and what you want. Scorpio has no problem going into the darkness, trust that what comes up for you during this moon cycle is meant for your growth and for your empowerment. Trust in yourself and your free will to be and do as you need.

Some questions to consider for journaling:

What about you makes you shine? Where does your light come from? What makes you your best you? Why/how are you a Goddess, a God, a Queen, a King (if you do not identify as such, what do you identify as and why?)? What/who stops you from being in your light? Do you give to others to avoid giving, growing, and expanding in your own life? Where/how do you hold yourself back because it is uncomfortable?
Close your eyes, take a deep breath, ask yourself, what do I want? What is stopping me from getting that?

Setting your intentions:

  • Make it personal

  • Something you are in control of

Manifest your intentions:

  • As if they already exist (smell it, feel it, hear it, be it)

  • Visualize it, if possible draw or doodle to help your visualization