New Moon in Cancer... What it means, how to harness its energy, and how live and flow with its phases

New Moon: Cancer
Theme: How am I feeling? At home, with family, at work, with friends?

About the New Moon:

The new moon marks a time for new beginnings, it is a new cycle, a new phase, a time to check in with yourself and see what you want to invite in. Just as the tides are affected by the moon cycles, we as humans who are roughly made up of 50% water, are also greatly affected. As you track the moon phases, you begin to notice how your energy flows with the phases, just as the tide flows. And just as the moon must descend, hibernate, and renew each month, we humans must acknowledge that rest time as well. Spiritually, harnessing the energy build up to a full moon, can help us have balance, focus, and live our lives intentionally each month. Utilizing the new moon to journal your intentions gives you the space to achieve even more. We build off our successes and you will now have visual proof of your growth from your intention setting. Rather than living for each weekend, you are making the choice to live consciously, mindfully, and intentionally. Welcome :).

About the New Moon In Cancer:

Cancer is a heightened time for emotions, specifically towards your family/relationships and matters of your home and work. With the added bonus of a solar eclipse, which only occurs during a new moon, this new moon has a an extra sense of the “new beginnings” feel. Tonight we will also feel the energies of a super moon arrival. With a super moon, spiritual effects are much stronger (#Manifest!) and it is also a more restorative new moon. So trust your instincts if you feel you need a little more rest time! The new moon is always an excellent time to manifest, but with the super moon here, there is a deeper spiritual energy arising that is key to take advantage of.

Some questions to consider for journaling:
Who is my family? Who is there for me? Am I surrounding myself with the right family, those who fuel my light or those who blow it out? Is my home comforting and welcoming? Is my work a place I thrive at?

Setting your intentions:

  • Make it personal

  • Something you are in control of

  • ex “I intend to live healthy. I intend to keep my house clean. I intend to surround myself with those who fuel my light. I intend to live for myself. I intend to live a balanced life”

Manifest your intentions: