Leo Season, Time To Shine!

Its Leo Season, Time To Shine! 

Leo is all about self expression and showing what is in your heart. “The leo new moon is a great time to focus on building our self-confidence by discovering our paths as distinct individuals, uncover our unique creative powers, and make a conscious effort to deal with others in a more personal, involved, and loving manner.” While the moon is in leo, allow yourself, if your heart desires to, engage in creativity and playfulness. During this phase, you may feel more dramatic, confident and expressive. The partial solar eclipse doubles these feels!

A solar eclipse only happens during new moon when both the sun and moon are in the same astrological sign. Making it a significant to consider the lessons of that sign, particularly is that sign is dominant in your natal chart (sun, moon, rising in Leo). A solar eclipse amplifies the energy of the new moon and can usher in radical changes to enable a new beginning, whether it appears initially good or bad, trust that these changes are necessary for our soul’s purpose.

Some questions to consider for journaling:

Am I truly doing the things that make me feel the most fulfilled? What does my heart want? Where do I deserve to be recognized? What are some creative things I want to do during this Leo season? How do I want to express my true self?


Setting your intentions:

  • Make it personal

  • Something you are in control of

  • ex “I intend to create the poem that has been on my mind, I intend to honor my hearts wishes and desires, I intend to see myself for the worthiness I am.”

Manifest your intentions:

  • As if they already exist

  • ex“My creativity flows daily” “When my heart wants to rest or to play, I listen” “I speak my truth” “Each morning I look myself in the mirror and see my power”