Virgo New Moon; Check yo life, be kind, and reorganize!

New Moon: Virgo

Theme: Check Your Life, Be Kind, And Reorganize

About New Moons in general:

The new moon marks a time for new beginnings, it is a new cycle, a new phase, a time to check in with yourself and see what you want to invite in. Just as the tides are affected by the moon cycles, we as humans who are roughly made up of 50% water, are also greatly affected. As you track the moon phases, you begin to notice how your energy flows with the phases, just as the tide flows. And just as the moon must descend, hibernate, and renew each month, we humans must acknowledge that rest time as well. Spiritually, harnessing the energy build up to a full moon, can help us have balance, focus, and live our lives intentionally each month. Utilizing the new moon to journal your intentions gives you the space to achieve even more.

As humans, we build off of our successes, you will have visual proof of your growth from your intention setting tonight. Rather than living for each weekend, you are making the choice to live consciously, mindfully, and intentionally. Welcome :).

About the New Moon In Virgo Season:

Virgo is a true fixer — a skilled problem solver, organizer, analyst, and intellectual. Virgo has a reputation of being controlling and overly-serious, trust that this is coming from a good place and a desire for things to be as effective and efficient as possible. The Virgo New Moon “is different in that we don’t plant new seeds; instead, we try to figure out what to do with what we’ve harvested”. Instead of starting something new this New Moon, take a look at what is in front of you, what have you been working on this year that you can refine and rework to be more efficient and effective for your highest good? Virgo traits include work and career, your health, and service-oriented humanitarian efforts. Virgo looks within, cleaning, clearing, and sorting out the useful from the extraneous. Virgo is interested in how things work, not how they appear. Uncovering flaws so that we might be more efficient. Invest in technologies that cleanse, rituals that help us work out our issues, practices that purify the thought process, and techniques that bring the body back into its natural alignment so that it can heal itself.

Some questions to consider for journaling:

What were your intentions/goals at the start of the year? Do you still feel this is in alignment for you? What have you gained this year that can help push you towards your desires/passions? What do you feel when you think about your career, your work, and you health? Do you see or feel anything that is working with you towards your highest good? Do you see or feel anything that may be making your push less efficient? What are some way you can cleanse and purify yourself? Is there anything you can add to your daily practices to help keep your body mind and soul in alignment?

Setting your intentions:

  • Make it personal

  • Something you are in control of

Manifest your intentions:

  • As if they already exist (smell them, feel them, hear them, be them)