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Chakra Workshop

Discover the connection of your 7 chakras and possible imbalances in your life. We will discuss what each 7 main chakras represent and ways you can heal and balance them. 

I start every event with a grounding meditation and go over agreements so that we all respect a safe sacred space. You do not have to share, you may participate as you feel is right for you, you are welcome to just bask in the positive energy that is created. 

*If you are not able to make it to the meeting location by 6:05 pm, this meeting is not for you. If you are running late, text Carolyn as soon as you know to see if accommodations can be made. 415-275-0120

There are limited volunteer opportunities available, if the monetary energy exchange is not in your range, please reach out to see about volunteering in exchange. 

Please reach out if you have any questions!



Carolyn Healings Event Testimonials: 

"I really enjoyed the meditation and how they were presented as tools. I feel like they are something I can and will incorporate into my life" (Sally, Empath Workshop June 2019)

"I thought it felt very balanced. There was a good amount of info and resources and interaction" (Liza, Manifest Workshop June 2019)

"I enjoyed the safe space in learning more about myself and others. I love hearing everyone's experiences and how we all cope" (Aileen, Empath Circle Jan 2019)

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