7 Questions To Get To Know Me Better

When I’m Not Giving Massages… you may find me driving in my Ford C-Max or walking down Mission Ave having a dance party with my awesome self. Feel free to join my world, always love a good dance off or extended dance party!

Self-Care Routine…. I meditate daily. I love giving and receiving High Fives, so if you see me in class at Mission Yoga, you will witness me give myself many of them. Hiking/walking my rescue dog Kobe keeps me grounded and connected to my soul. 

Creative Outlet…. I write poetry, prose, and my wonderful brewing thoughts. I also paint freely with whatever colors are capturing my eye at the time. I am mindful about setting aside scheduled creative time. If you keep a child shut indoors doing “work” with no time to just be themselves and be free, they get cranky, defiant, and emotional… adults are similar but it shows up differently and adults attempt to control emotions... those contained emotions then get pushed into our cells which then create problems in our internal organs or cause random unexplainable aches and pains. So be creative and take care of yourself! Emotional Causes to Physical Pain

Favorite Massage Modality To Receive...Thai or Deep Tissue

Favorite Hashtag…. My own, #PeaceLoveStrength is my tagline and what I live by and strive for each day. It is also what I hope to help my clients reach after they leave my table. #SkinnyDontMeanWeak stems from me being told I was too skinny since the day I was born and being told I was weak. There is always a Yang to the Yin, now I have an awesome hashtag and I am probably stronger than I would’ve been if I didn’t experience being told I was weak. Lesson learned, don’t listen to what people tell you you are… they aren’t you. 

Favorite Crystal… Amethyst. It my birthstone. I also enjoy utilizing its spiritual energy to tap into a deeper meditation as well as it’s healing protective powers. 

Before Becoming A Massage Therapist….. I was born in San Francisco (5th generation), and was raised in North Bay. I worked at a non-profit, Playworks, with a wonderful mission to help kids be their best self through the power of play. I went to University of Oregon for my undergrad, Go Ducks! Played competitive volleyball until a career injury, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. I now coach at Gateway High School in the Fillmore District.