The Goddess Circle (1).png

 Winter 2020 Goddess Circle Interest open!

To Qualify

  • Those who identify with Female Experience

  • Attend in person first and last meeting in Oakland (Feb-March 2020)

  • Desire to break habits that are not serving you

  • Open to being challenged and out of your comfort zone

Are you ready to feel aligned, supported, and held accountable! The right women will be chosen for this intensive transcendent group. We will meet once a week for 8 weeks from Feb through March 2020. You will leave this circle with daily rituals and routines to help keep you aligned, your short term goals will be met, long term goals will have clear plans to execute, you will have a Divine Soul tribe for continued support and accountability.

The Winter 2020 Goddess Circle is an 8 week long journey with an intention is to see what can develop in a container of purposeful self-care, discipline, and Divine Soul Tribe Support

The circle will to bring extraordinary intentionality to your day to day living so that you may consciously step into a more powerful version of yourself, The Divine Authentic Self.

"As far as her 8-week Goddess Circle program, this was nothing short of life-changing for me. I created a greater sense of balance and alignment in my life, and over the weeks, I felt a growing sense of personal power. I got control over my drinking and accomplished a number of other goals that I'd been working on for YEARS prior, but have never managed to achieve. Carolyn created the environment for all this growth by encouraging and supporting me without judgement."
- Nykki, Winter 2019 Goddess Circle Participant